Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Introduction of Rod Mill Device

Rod Mill device: Rod mill attribute is in grinding process grinding medium and ore display line get in touch with for this reason has the certain selectivity grinding the part and the item dimension is evener, crushed ore grain of less. For coarse grinding, the granularity of item for one ~ 3mm rod mill device, the speed of more than exactly the same specs of ball mill; When made use of for great grinding, much less than 0.5 mm item size.

The grinding effect is just not as specifications of ball mill. Rod milling machine feed dimension is frequently fifteen ~ mm, once the diameter rod milling device 2400mm, feed size limit can reach forty ~ 55mm, Rod Mill item size limit can reach 1 ~ 3mm. At this moment, the most 4500mm use diameter rod milling device.

The ball mill: concentrator regularly used ball mill have grid kind as well as the overflow sort two kinds. Grate and point short cylinder and their kind two sorts. Usually brief tube type used in coarse grinding, their sort utilised in fine grinding. The overflow variety ball mill the main advantages of uncomplicated construction, good management is, straightforward upkeep, grinding minerals fine granularity (quite often less than 0.2 mm), defect is row ore liquid surface substantial, pulp in grinding machine in long time, unit volume remain low, platoon ore 65.54% uneven, quick era dimension had shattered.

The overflow variety ball mill relates to two paragraphs grinding process flow in the next paragraph grinding and intermediate items to grind. Advantage is mineral slurry is low, can prompt experience, decreasing the discharge of qualified items with the ore smash, grinding efficiency is greater than exactly the same specification, the unit capability of the overflow sort ball mill about 15% greater and put the ball is extra.

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