Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Growth of Wax Prints

Serious wax-print cloth is totally created by mechanism. These cloth is always to utilize melted purely natural rosin and print within the both equally sides of cloth through the temperature of 170 degrees. And then, primary coloration can be dyed, wax curve and alkali-wax curve would pass on on the floor to get curves in numerous colours. Immediately after finishing the wax curve, decline the wax by drinking water washing in usual temperature. The rosin left about the cloth and yarn should really undergo various washing by rope washer while using rising temperature by including caustic soda. The rosin might be melted with caustic soda as a result of saponification course of action in water. The cloth surface would get cleaned. Yet, this sort of production course of action would induce really serious water pollution. The cleaned wax prints and faded component must be with penetrated routine with round-curve floral printing machine to fulfill the print about the equally sides. The penetration printing could request for high penetrative influence for unique cloth substance. That will protected the exact same colour impact on each sides.

Listed here we will verify a new-type PDT printing materials and double-side multiple-colored round-net printer to get area of rosin. It can be the brand new craft of wax prints.

The leading element of PDT painting is built by sodium silicate and several kinds of assistant agents. It applies the non-colored thick 400Be liquid. This kind of ability works by using PDT painting to exchange rosin about the double-faced round-net floral painting device, and pass on the leading coloration on the components of floral pattern. It might make use of the expert corrugating machine to create various crack consequences. The cracks can be in both equally thick and skinny form for different layouts and colors. PDT painting might make the wax prints from the hair form, which cannot be created by rosin.

Witnessed with the over details, we can discover these kinds of craft is in brief procedure. To begin with, wax prints by PDT painting in regular household temperature can conserve the processes and electrical power for melting rosin into wax. For instance, two usual assembly lines of wax prints might be with oil ovens of 800 thousand Kcal to fulfill the production need. Right after the rosin printing, the cooling machine ought to be applied to coolly dry the cloth. When making use of PDT, the floral printing machine in double-faced print with solitary coloration would right dry the cloth by infrared rays. When printing the topic coloration, it really is far better to work with IBN printer. PDT painting is not hard to get dissolved in the water. So, it really is the best choice for dry-cloth dyeing and coloration correct.

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