Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Analysis the history of impact crusher on Chinese impact crusher improvement

The historical past of jaw crusher might be traced back for the 1850 s, once the world's very first jaw crusher was born inside the U.s., soon just after using the advancement of productive forces, jaw crusher can not fulfill the need to have of crushing technology,Stone jaw crusher then, in the jaw crusher, and within the foundation of people today and created a counterattack crusher, in addition to the needs of the sand immediately after mechanism, organic sand cannot meet the demands in the building of vital, and also the study and advancement of impact crusher, also could be the sand device.

In 1924, the German men and women initial created solitary and ambigu rotor two models in the crusher,raymond mill at the time the crusher of construction similar towards the contemporary the squirrel-cage crusher, but regardless of in the structure, perform principle or from the analysis,Concentrator table price it's the characteristics in the crusher. Till 1942, German Andreson summarized the squirrel-cage crusher, hammer crusher construction traits and operating principle groundwork, invented and modern day impact crusher structure form comparable AP series impact breaker. The impact crusher sufficient because of the production efficiency is high, can handle sorts of materials, the much more formal construction is uncomplicated, handy to move the positive aspects, and obtain the fast development. Then with crushing and screening points extra perfect of broken theory with the additional development of technology,Cellular crushers analysis and development degree three broken equipment-impact crusher, its can broken pebble,Mixture crusher granite, ore.

Impact crusher in China's improvement is late, our country to truly have crusher. Therefore, our country of damaged screening gear is mostly fifty s kick off. Inside the early eighty s,Dryer machine we produced of impact crusher is limited to cope with coal and limestone in such tough supplies. Until the 1980 s released in China KHD challenging rock of stone crusher, just filled the country without having higher hardness crusher blank. However the technologies powering abroad for more than twenty years.

Buying the German sophisticated new rotor, mechanism of sand manufacturing sector the breakthrough, analysis and improvement achievement five X sequence of sand efficient device, its the rotor for opening kind,stone crusher the back in the plate embedded in the groove. Blow plate can from the aspect or fixed over board insert, with fixed wedge. Blow the board S sort fusion blow board and Q kind blow the strengths from the board, are you able to modify a head to make use of and improve the utilization ratio. As a way to boost the mobility of crusher have also developed wheel kind and caterpillar mobile of broken standing, of which the crusher kind wheel in The united states is much more welcome, caterpillar in Europe is much more welcome.

Now, using the improvement of infrastructure, adding ash and slag, slag, developing the accumulation of misuse, the heavy engineering impact crusher (the sand machine) continues to be widely utilised in the processing including ash and slag, slag, building misuse therapy, make its are reutilized, give a can use waste ash, blast furnace slag including water and building waste.

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