Monday, April 16, 2012

Brief Introduction about double roller crusher as well as other crusher

Roller crusher is applied in intermediate crushing and fine crushing in cement plant, chemical business, electric power station, metallurgical market, building materials, fireproofing supplies and also other industries. Roller crusher primarily consists of roller, supporting bearing, compression and adjusting device, and actuating device, and so on. In accordance with the specification, mobile crusher may be divided into double roller crusher, 4 roller crusher and gear roller crusher. Now we'll introduce double roller crusher briefly.

Operating principle of double roller crusher:

The adjustment of discharging granularity: there's a wedge-shape or gasket adjusting device in between the two rollers, and on the best with the wedge-shape device, you will find adjusting bolts. When the adjusting bolts lift the wedge upwards, the wedge pushes movable roller away from the fixed roller, so the gap between two rollers becomes massive along with the discharging granularity becomes major. When the wedge moves downwards, the gap in between two rollers becomes tiny under the influence of pressure spring. As a result, the discharging granularity becomes tiny. The gasket device adjusts the discharging granularity by changing the quantities and thickness of gaskets. When the quantities of gaskets improve, the gap amongst two rollers becomes substantial, so the discharging granularity becomes big and when the quantities of gaskets cut down, the gap becomes tiny, after which the discharging granularity becomes tiny.


1.Strengthen the deironization operate. If supplies which can not be crushed (as an example, drill bit) fall in to the gap among two rollers, the roller crusher may be destroyed, which can trigger malfunction of the crusher. So iron removal device should be installed to the roller crusher.

2.Adhesive supplies may possibly block the crushing space effortlessly, users should stop the crusher first when handle the blocking challenge, and do not poke the materials when the roller crusher is in motion.

3.When there are several large-size materials for double roller crusher to crush, users ought to be cautious mainly because huge materials may well be piled out from the crushing space and hurt individuals or damage the equipment.

four.When the double roller crusher has worked for a long time, the roller surface might be abraded which will result in excessively fine granularity. At this time, users really should adjust the discharging hole or inspect the equipment.

5.Strengthen the inspection of the components of double stone crusher. Users should really add lubricating oil towards the jaw crusher on time so that the gear is in superior lubrication state.

Within the end, double roller crusher's installation and upkeep is pretty important standard function. It should cooperate with its operation and inspection operate closely, and should really be inspected by fulltime staff.

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