Thursday, May 10, 2012

Attentive Factors on Cone Crusher Choice and Buy

Cone crusher is the new sort crusher created by adopting new type crushing notion. The equipment construction theory is completely distinctive from other crusher of jaw crusher, hammer crusher and influence crusher. Its one of a kind crushing capacity and output capacity is incomparable by other sort crushers. Cone crusher is often divided into coarse crushing, secondary crushing and very good grinding 3 kinds. Coarse cone crusher is also called gyratory crusher. Secondary crushing and excellent grinding cone crusher are also named bacterium form cone crusher.
By now, European and American countries mechanical compact crushing sector develops much well. You will discover a good deal of things worth studying and using instance. In purchase for harmonious development' facing natural atmosphere, it demands mechanical smaller crusher to be much more energy conservation and atmosphere protective'. By virtue of continuous exploration many advanced little crushing approach goes on mode, resource, method and business, it tends to make environment air pollution and atmosphere ruin triggered by smaller crusher minimized. Then, facing continuous growth and development of tiny crusher procedure, what should certainly we pay focus after we purchase? By adhering to, let us occur to glance at this trouble.
To start with, selection principle is decided by feed particle or layout particle dimension. Pick super coarse or coarse kind for all those massive feed particle and choose secondary or fine sort around the contrary. When determine feed particle, use biggest dimension feed particle on cut edge as dimension basis to select feed particle.
Secondly, in scale-board choice, consumer ought to think about 3 components of output, energy dissipation and wear resistance of scale-board. The lengthier scale-board will be the greater energy dissipation is. Hard material chooses brief scale-board and soft materials chooses lengthy one particular. In materials arrangement, good material chooses short scale-board and coarse materials chooses lengthy one. As to feed particle arrangement, material smaller than shut edge normally can't surpass ten percent of entire material, in any other case, power dissipation would boost and product particle would develop into piece. Adhesive material water containing enhance would affect materials throughput capacity. Frequently, material drinking water containing must not surpass 5 percent. On the subject of power rate use, standard cone crusher should certainly get seventy five percent to 80 percent. Short head cone crusher will need to get eighty percent to 85 %.
Thirdly, cone crusher usually arises numerous difficulties through operation as a result of poor working with environment, hefty dirt rather than adequate maintenance. In frequent, we must spend focus to next complications in the course of cone crusher operation. For a single issue, when cone crusher is operating, preserve feed material even rather segregation. If feed materials is uneven, there would emerge production capacity reduce, overlarge item particle, regular spring motion, massive bearing stress and raising energy intake. For another, there ought to be de-ironing device to avoid over-ironing of crusher chamber. In situation of frequent over-ironing, it may well lead to axle breaking incident.

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