Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Don't Have faith in Products On Sale

Before this expression began, I went to downtown to purchase some commodities for university. After i strolled alongside the street, I experienced a board printed "bags on sale" before a store, so I received in. It had been a bag store, so I requested: "Is it accurate that you've bags on sale?" "Yes, which sort of bag you would like?" a person replied unfriendly, possibly he's the owner. "Shoulder bag, remember to." I answered, not to mention then he started trying to find, coupled with murmured: "shoulder bag, shoulder bag…" after one trendy handbags for women minute, he bought the shoulder bag to me with words: "Here you are." I paid money and additionally left. Recalled this, I found that I was too foolish to concern the quality of the shoulder bag, so next, I received a lesson: One morning, owing to the exams, so I carried many books to classroom by the shoulder bag. It can be a long way, after about one half of the way; I already felt the aches of my shoulder, the knapsacks were so thin. After i almost arrived, I just felt easy suddenly, and additionally something fallen with a flump. Sure, it was my shoulder bag, it was broken. I was humiliated fairly much, because there were a lot of students around. I just said a word: "Shit!" and additionally then I bought down and additionally checked all these things. I opened the bag, there was another surprise for me, my water glass was broken, too. And additionally the water received wet all my books not to mention the bag. Obviously, the self-study was ruined, not to mention I needed to back to my department with the wetted bag, but how can I do that, the bag was wet, and additionally I failed to want to get wet my clothes. Just at the same, one of my classmates approached me with his bicycle, "What happened to you?" he asked, "You can see it by yourself." I answered. Then he smiled not to mention said: "Shit happens, but I can help, but what a bad bag!" "Yeah, I can see that." I said. Then with him not to mention his bicycle's help, I back to the department finally. That was a bad day to me. But caused by my classmate, without him, that would be bad fairly enough. And additionally after I had been through this, I would never purchase something on sale. In any other case, I will need to check the quality first and also immediately.

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